Insight Days Clients

Our fully managed Insight Days are an opportunity for clients to meet and assess potential talent. The method of selection or talent matching has proven successful as we provide an environment that is designed to highlight a number of competency-based behaviours required to be successful. Exercises used to identify elite athletes suitability can range from networking, personal introductions, presentations, elevator pitches, group discussions, personality profiling and lastly the interview process. All of these exercises can be completed on the same day and with our client’s full visibility.


This allows our clients to be able secure a day specifically designed for themselves, giving you full control of branding and marketing. More importantly you have control of the facility of the Insight Days and can host at your chosen location, for example headquarters, local offices or manufacturing sites. By having a closed event it means that no other organisation would be given access to those candidates on that day allowing our clients to engage with candidates without competition.


These events will be conducted by Centrum Solutions in a location that is suitable for both clients and candidates to attend. The assessments including all branding and marketing will be generic where you will be invited along to meet, network and observe potential candidates undertake specific tasks during a selection process.
There is often competition at these open Insight Days as sometimes strong performing candidates will have multiple offers. 

Interested in being involved in one of our insight days? Whether you want to host your own private one, or be part of a collective event, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.