Shift Group


We’re thrilled to share our game-changing partnership with Shift Group, based in the US. Together, we’re embarking on a transformative journey – not just unlocking potential but propelling elite athletes and military veterans into the realm of elite sales professionals!

Just as Centrum Solutions can boast years of experience matching high-performing individuals with organisations looking to hire for potential and then train for skill, so too can the Shift Group. Through their revolutionary platform ‘Shift Connect,’ we can now offer an excellent opportunity for hiring the very best sales talent. Whether you’re a former athlete, a military veteran, an organisation seeking top-notch career services, or a company in pursuit of unparalleled sales talent – our collaboration covers it all!

“Our exciting new partnership enhances our commitment to guiding these incredibly hard-working athletes and veterans through meaningful transitions. It was awesome to discover JR and his team shared our philosophy towards tailored career support and introductions to prospective employers”

Leon Lloyd, CEO Centrum Solutions

Shift Connect is a unique platform unveiling a transparent hiring process for entry-level sales roles. Together we provide captivating videos revealing candidate success stories, passion for sales, and why YOU should hire them!