Elite Transition Military

As an organisation we are actively supporting those that have served or are serving in the UK Armed Forces to transition into the next phase of their lives. We know that by planning ahead for different eventualities means you are better prepared for what those future changes might be. Therefore, we are proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring our veterans are treated fairly.

You will have developed many transferable skills during your time as a serving member of the military but the first question is, do you know what they are? Then once you have identified them, matching those skills you have amassed to a job, a role or even a sector can be quite daunting especially when you feel under pressure to find your next career.

One thing you can be confident in is that you are treading a well-trodden path and may find solace in the 7 stages of the change curve that one former soldier shared.

We cannot remove the dip, but we are committed to helping you shallow your curve.

The Change Curve

We understand that change is constant that those who are agile enough to adapt are those that are best placed to thrive in uncertain times. Moving jobs or indeed changing careers completely is one of the biggest challenge’s we face in our working lives. Through careful planning, we can help you shallow your own curve and help you remove any uncertainties and find what your next phase might look like.

I always knew my military career would come to an end one day but I put that to the back of my mind as I didn’t want it to be a distraction. Reflecting on my own experiences I would certainly recommend putting a plan in place sooner rather than later to aid a smoother transition period.
– Soldier T –

If you’re keen to involve us in the next stage of your career and let us help you find your Ikigai, then get in touch.