At Centrum Solutions, our professional and consultative methodology has ensured continued success in an increasingly competitive market. We are a business that has been founded on the traditional methods of headhunting and now combined with vast knowledge and experience in the field of Elite Transition, we are able to access candidates with a new approach. Find out why working with Centrum could elevate your business.

The benefits of hiring ex-athletes & ex uk armed forces

Our continuing research and experience shows that candidates from these backgrounds have not only absorbed the same experiences as with most job roles but have in fact been challenged to a greater degree, under significant pressure and succeeded. These types of skills plus more are coveted by our clients as a great platform to start with whilst they then develop through their professional careers.

All our actions are the result of internal emotions, thoughts, feelings, and external situational concerns.

Elite transition candidates are often accomplished leaders, with high level of emotional intelligence that helps manage themselves and others effectively.

Every elite member has had to develop a strong work ethic to be successful in their chosen endeavours.

Not only this, but the ability to be agile and think on their feet under huge pressure. This skill to problem solve becomes an embedded life skill in what ever they decide to accomplish.

Sometimes it’s the small changes which can be the deciding factor between what makes a good team and what makes a great team. By fully understanding their role within teams and appreciating others’ contributions, elite transition candidates know how to maximise their strengths and align their personal goals with those of the teams.

Elite Transition candidates are masters at knowing how to control the controllables, as well as the importance of it! It is what has helped them to focus on the bigger plan, take actions and effectively review them to ensure they head for triumph.
The skills developed within their career ensured that success is always viewed collectively as a journey and not a destination.

Whilst everyone experiences change in their careers, Elite Transition candidates have had to become experts in the field in order to have survived. They can assess and determine how to find positives from each potential negative scenario, whilst keeping the momentum going.

Life is full of setbacks, but understanding and planning for them helps to create a company culture that thrives.

Are you ready to see how working with Centrum Solutions can elevate your business? Let’s have a chat.

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