Harry Adams | A Centrum Experience

1) How Did You Come In To Contact With Centrum Solutions?
So I was approached by Matt French via LinkedIn. He had seen my page, and that I was leaving the Royal Navy after a 14 year career, and him being with Centrum and an ex serviceman himself he pointed me in the direction of Mitch at Centrum to assist where he could… which he did…a great deal!

2) How Did Centrum Solutions Help You?
I think in a sentence (or two), Centrum opened the door for me that I wouldn’t have necessarily been able to or knew how to open myself. Mitch understood what I was looking for in my move from military to civilian life and as I said, opened that door to allow me to prove myself to a company that would be interested in employing me.

3) How Did Centrum Solutions Change Things For You?
Centrum changed my life… literally… from military to civilian. They created an opportunity to get the job I wanted when I left the service. And I got it! Granted, I did the interviews, they were talking to ME… but Mitch and the team prepared me for the interview, they created the doorway for me to get an interview with Gleeds.

4) Without Centrum Solutions, What Do You Think You’d Be Doing Right Now?
Without Centrum… I can’t say I really know what I’d be doing. I’d probably be with a different company, not necessarily doing the job that I wanted just to simply keep a wage. Centrum helped me make that not the case. They helped me get the job that I wanted, and not something that was just available at the time.

5) What’s Your Advice For Anyone Who May Be In A Similar Situation To You?
For someone that is leaving or considering leaving the military, I’d say prepare yourself in advance. Know what you want, but if you aren’t sure, remember there are many resources and people out there to help get you the job you want, such as Centrum. Don’t just go for what’s available at the time. Strive to improve and impress. That’s what potential employers look for.