Em Drake

Harry Adams | A Centrum Experience

1) How Did You Come In To Contact With Centrum Solutions?So I was approached by Matt French via LinkedIn. He had seen my page, and that I was leaving the Royal Navy after a 14 year career, and him being with Centrum and an ex serviceman himself he pointed me in the direction of Mitch at Centrum to assist where he could… which he did…a great deal! 2) How Did Centrum Solutions Help You?I think in a sentence (or two), Centrum opened the door for me that I wouldn’t have necessarily been able to or knew how to open myself. …

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Matt’s Story | Career Change

So, the time has come to leave the life I have known for 12 years. Calling what we in the military do just a job or a career is a disservice, as it is all encompassing and touches every part of your life and that of your family. I have never been much of a person to write about what I do on social media or other blogging platforms, but I have found reading other leavers’ posts and stories helpful on the tough days during transition, so I thought I would share a few bits about my experience so that …

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The realities of accepting a counter-offer | Mitch Read

As the market has swung significantly to a candidate driven market from a client driven market, so has the frequency of the dreaded Counter-offer. This obstacle has become more prevalent in the last 2 years due to the shortfall in talent being available, against the rising numbers of vacancies as the corporate world begins to grow.  So, once you have made the decision to stay at your current company and turn down the offer of a new job, you automatically trigger a series of events that you need to consider carefully as this will have a huge bearing on whether …

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